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Truro African restaurant Chorley's goes digital with loyalty scheme app


An African-themed restaurant and spicy sauces business is hoping to see increased return trade from punters thanks to a new digital loyalty scheme.
Chorley’s is an African grill restaurant and takeaway based in Truro, which has been going from strength to strength. Diners can choose just how spicy and hot their dishes are thanks to the family’s range of popular sauces and marinades.
All the sauces and dishes are created by a genuine South African expat, Bob Chorley (who invented the sauces in Zimbabwe in the 1970s), so you know that the Durban Bunny you’re chowing down on or the Boerewors roll you’re burrowing into are the real deal.

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Now the restaurant has teamed up with Truro-based smartphone app provider to offer an innovative loyalty scheme to its growing customer base.
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Chorley’s agreed to the partnership with Alliop, the mobile loyalty card app which offers great deals for its great food and sauces.
Alliop, which stands for All In One Place, provides a free smart phone app where the customer can collect loyalty stamps from a selection of local businesses.
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Shane Chorley, the co-founder and one of the directors of Chorley’s, said: “We have spoken to a number companies which offer similar packages to what Alliop have to offer, all of which offer a unique spin on how to deliver a loyalty scheme to our customers.
“One of the major ‘standouts’ for us is that Alliop is a Cornish company.”
He added: “This not only enables us to support a local business and its development, but also enables us to work closely with them to tailor the app to suit our needs. This won’t just benefit us, but every other local business and customer using the app.”

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The easy-to-use Alliop app, which was rolled out 18 months ago, can be found in both the Apple and Google Play stores.
Ryan Shillito, from Alliop, said: “Chorley’s is a new and exciting Cornish company that we hope will help drive our business forward. We are very confident that their customers, and anyone simply downloading the app to see what Alliop is about, will quickly realise the value in joining the programme.”

Ryan Shillito from Alliop and Shane Chorley of Chorley’s restaurant and table sauces have agreed a partnership to offer a new smart phone app to consumers. (Image: Chorley’s)
He added: “It’s a simple concept where we apply a digital stamp, using a touch beacon or a QR code, to a digital loyalty card that is stored on your phone.
“With Alliop there is no need to carry 101 different loyalty cards in your wallet. A bunch of loyalty cards for various local businesses all stored safely and conveniently on your phone, in one app.
“The best thing being, one business can run multiple offers. This gives the customers a great range of options to take part in.”
Source: Cornwall Live