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Primark sets the record straight on pronunciation


Pry-mark or Pree-mark?How to pronounce the budget retailer’s name has caused a basket-load of debate.Some claim “Pry-mark” is an upmarket affectation. Others say “Pree-mark” is a northern thing.But Primark have tried to settle the matter once and for all, writing on their website: “We like to use Pr-Eye-Mark.”

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Like literally every single person I know pronounces it “Preemark” cause saying “Prymark” makes it sounds like you think it’s upmarket ?— Niamhy Bolger (@niamhioos) August 2, 2017

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But Primark isn’t the only brand that people mispronounce…

IKEA: if you follow the Swedes, it’s “ee-kay-uh” not “eye-kee-ah”. The word is made up of the initials of the founder’s name and the village he grew up inDoes Nike rhyme with like? Apparently not. Chairman Philip Knight confirmed the pronunciation in 2014 was in fact Ni-key, after the Greek goddess of victoryAnother sports brand getting our tongues in a twist is Adidas. Named after its founder Adi Dassler (Adolf Dassler), it’s A-di-das not a-DEE-das.Luxury car brand Porsche also takes it name from its founder, Ferdinand Porsche. His family name has two syllables: ‘Por-shuh’And if you’re after a pint of Hoegaarden – hailing from the Flemish region of Belgium – make sure to ask for a ‘Who-gar-den’. Anything else would sound daft.
Source: BBC