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Priest in Redruth makes dog collar from milk bottle


A quick-thinking parish priest has used a plastic milk bottle to make himself an emergency dog collar.The Reverend Caspar Bush, Rector of Redruth in Cornwall, was in need of a new one after his last one snapped on Friday 17 November.He used a 4 pint milk bottle to fashion the garment, explaining “no other bottle seemed to have a big enough flat bit that was completely white”.He wore the new collar to carry out church duties at the weekend.More on the quick-thinking priest, and other Devon and Cornwall newsThe black shirts worn by Mr Bush have a 32mm clerical collar – known informally as a dog collar – but recently his supplier changed the material they used for making dog collars.He said: “They sent them with very rigid plastic that would only just about bend, and they would snap. So I ran out. I couldn’t bring myself to send off to the shirt manufacturers to ask for more so I made a new one this way.”It’s actually a little bit thinner than I’d have liked but it has worked so far, and nobody has noticed any difference – apart from my friends who I told on Facebook!”Mr Bush described the move as “mildly smile worthy” and this prompted him to share it on social media.

“Dog collars are like a badge, and are still widely recognised”, he said. “Monday is my day off and I don’t wear one then, but on any other day, whenever I do anything, I will always wear a dog collar”.Mr Bush, himself a former dairy farmer, said: “apparently in the old days they would use fairy liquid bottles, but they’ve changed format and don’t work anymore”.He also revealed that he always keeps spare “sub-standard” dog collars in his car glove box and his diary, adding “with disappointing frequency, and this happens to all clergy, I forget to put it on in the morning”.
Source: Cornish BBC