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People are warned of potentially deadly "blue tablets" following the death of a teenage girl. Source: BBC Cornwall
Bus stops and cars were damaged and Ikea was targeted after England's win over Sweden. Source: BBC Cornwall
Three other teenagers are in hospital and one of them is said to be in a serious condition. Source: BBC Cornwall
The £36.5m government grant will also refurbish ambulance stations ahead of a "challenging" winter. Source: BBC Cornwall
The gallery's £20m extension is described as "breathtakingly beautiful" by Museum of the Year judges. Source: BBC Cornwall
'90% of Penzance's problems are its own, but we're dealing with them' Source: Cornwall Live
Aluminium sulphate was tipped into the wrong tank at a treatment works in Cornwall in July 1988. Source: BBC Cornwall
These businesses employ almost 20,000 and made £2 billion last year Source: Cornwall Live
Seven schools near St Agnes brought 112 students to play in the tournament at a football ground. Source: BBC Cornwall
Scientists used radio tags to track Asian hornets, allowing their nests to be detected quickly. Source: BBC Cornwall
The airport has overhauled its parking facilities Source: Cornwall Live
Mike Reid, 54, went missing near a Cornish beach while trying to rescue stranded sea birds. Source: BBC Cornwall
This could be good for consumers, but perhaps not so good for suppliers Source: Cornwall Live
The roof on the 200-year-old community centre was only replaced in 2017. Source: BBC Cornwall
A would-be vegan finds unwanted animal protein in her Aldi salad. Source: BBC Cornwall
The Cornwall town has plenty going for it other than the big chains, according to those in the know Source: Cornwall Live