Home news Missing Newquay cat hitched 300-mile lift to St Albans

Missing Newquay cat hitched 300-mile lift to St Albans


A cat which went missing from its home in Cornwall has been found nearly 300 miles away in Hertfordshire.Fudge was found in St Albans after apparently jumping into a holidaymaker’s van in Newquay in October.Owner Parisa Jenkins tracked her pet down through its microchip and social media. Fudge will be given a lift home by charity workers.”I’m over the moon. He’s 17-years-old but living life to the max,” she said.

Ms Jenkins said Fudge was identified in St Albans after a vet scanned his microchip, but a few days later went missing again.Posters and appeals on social media led to a call from a man who recognised the cat.

“Fudge is hard to pin down, he went missing last year and was found two weeks later in Plymouth,” said Ms Jenkins.”October appears to be his vacation month.”She is now investigating the use of a GPS tag to keep a track of her itinerant pet. “We’ll see how that goes,” she added.
Source: Cornish BBC