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Meet the Cornwall doctor hoping to solve the world's rats…


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Meet the A&E doctor behind the smallest vacuum cleaner in the world now hoping to bring rat-catching into the 21st century with a humane electric pest control innovation.
Dr Toby Bateson, an emergency doctor at Royal Cornwall Hospital, has designed RatMat which he describes as the world’s first humane electrified rodent repellent flooring.
The local inventor and entrepreneur is aiming to raise £65,000 through the New York-based global project fundraising platform Kickstarter to manufacturer the first RatMat order.

RatMat, which uses similar principles to an electric fence, is designed to safely and humanely protect cars and bikes and other valuable property from rodent damage.

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The scalable floor device, which gives rodents an unpleasant shock to deter them, was developed with renowned Cornwall-based industrial design consultants Dufort Associates.
Dr Bateson said his RatMat had been six years in design and two years of product testing.

The RatMat in action. A still from Dr Toby Bateson’s Kickstarter campaign video pitch to launch his new rodent zapper.
The GP and founder of Hammer Technologies Ltd said: “I have a prototype and evidence that it works, but now I need help to raise the initial funds to help make this long-term, humane pest control a reality.
“I am really excited that the project has reached this stage and hope the Kickstarter generates the interest we need to bring this to market.”
Dr Bateson previously made headlines for achieving a Guinness World Record in 2016 for his smallest vacuum cleaner on earth and also successfully brought ZenPlugs Moulded Ear Plug Kit to market in 2009.

Dr Bateson with the world’s smallest vaccum cleaner which he invented last year.
Using the principles of an electric fence the RatMat device is made up of inter-lockable tiles with a conductive steel surface, that lie flat on the ground.
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The tiles are completely safe, scalable and transportable and can double as a hard-wearing floor surface.
In his Kickstarter campaign post, Dr Bateson said: “Rats create billions of pounds of damage to products, machines and homes each year. This is in spite of the use of all the rat repellents, poisons and other pest control methods available.
“Traps and poisons can be inhumane. They often lead to unnecessary suffering of animals. Poisons are sometimes eaten by the wrong animal.
“Our RatMat creates a rodent-free zone. Place it in your garage, factory or industrial unit and rodents will be repelled when they go near your car, industrial machinery or storage unit.
“This will give an excellent pest control and ensures you get rid of rats.”
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To support Dr Bateson and his RatMat invention visit his Kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2094321450/ra….
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