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Have your say on £10.6m Cornish geothermal revolution in…


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Residents and businesses in the Redruth area are being invited to have their say on Cornwall’s new geothermal revolution.
Geothermal Engineering Ltd, (GEL) which recently re-issued tender for drilling a geothermal heat well at Jubilee Pool in Penzance, is set to begin exploratory drilling at Union Downs thanks to £10.6 million investment in the project.
While the company remained coy on how many jobs the renewable energy project could create for the Redruth area, it is believed that if the test site proves a success, a power plant could be operational by 2020, and could produce enough electricity to fully supply up to 1,500 homes.
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Test drilling is due to begin in January 2018 after the contract has gone to tender in the autumn.

A spokeswoman for GEL said: “We want to give the public the opportunity to ask any questions they may have for us.
“Test drilling will involved a rather large drill that will be visible in the area. So we want to start a dialogue with the community to allay any concern they may have.”
The GEL spokeswoman said she expected about 100 people to pop in throughout the day – similar to the number of people who came when the company held a public open day about its intentions to heat Jubilee Pool all year round with geothermal technology.
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The drilling plans at United Downs have been fully approved by Cornwall Council and should start in the New year.
Geothermal technology makes use of the natural heat of the earth, and, as the granite below the surface across Cornwall has the highest temperatures in the country, the county is seen as a literal hotspot.
To generate electricity, water is pumped 4.5km below the surface of the earth, where it is heated to up to 175c before being pumped back to the surface where it is used to drive the power plant.
How geothermal activity works. Courtesy of GEL.
Now GEL has announced the new £10.6 million exploratory drilling project at United Downs near Redruth to pump geothermal heat and electricity into the National Grid.
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The United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project, the first of its kind in Britain, will explore the geothermal resources at depth and hopes to use the energy to drive a demonstration power plant supplying electricity to the local grid.
The public session open day will take place from 3pm to 8pm at Mills Hall in Carharrack on Tuesday, July 25.
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Source: Cornwall Live