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Cornish Gouda Company celebrates deal with 'Waitrose of the…


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Here’s some Gouda news all cheese lovers can rejoice about.
One Cornish cheese maker has seen its business mature nicely after picking up a deal with a classy supermarket chain – in the north of England.
The Cornish Gouda Company in Lanreath was only created in 2012 when Giel Spierings, then aged 19, came home to his family dairy farm from college to find a ‘For Sale’ sign on the gate.
The farm was no longer profitable for his parents to continue to run the business they had moved from the Netherlands to establish.

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This may not be Cornish Gouda but watch how another Cornish cheese, the Cornish Yarg, is made.

Determined to save his family home and change their fortunes around, Giel decided to set-up his own business making high-value Gouda cheese using traditional techniques he’d learned in Holland.
The cheese maker said that he could buy milk from the farm at a fair rate while producing an artisan cheese.
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The handcrafted Cornish Gouda Giel created quickly became a hit at farmers’ markets and with local shopkeepers and soon demand was exceeding supply.
But Giel was struggling to find a way to increase production.
Now sales are picking up in the North West of England where the Cornish Gouda is selling like hot cakes. Now to top it all up, Cornish Gouda won best hard cheese at The Great British Cheese Awards 2016.

That’s a lot of cheese.
Giel said: “I needed to source enough finance to secure more production equipment and increase output, but I was finding it hard to do that.”
The turning point for Giel and his Looe-based business came when he began working with business coaches from Transform, an EU-funded support programme for Cornish businesses with ambitions for high growth delivered by Oxford Innovation.
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The cheese maker added: “The backing I received through Transform was fantastic. Initially they helped me to produce a full, professional business plan which I could take to the bank.
“This enabled me to get the finance I needed to purchase equipment and hire additional staff so we could increase production. Once we were able to get all this in place we were able to gear up 10 times on what we were doing beforehand.”

Mike Jobson, high growth coach for Oxford Innovation with Giel Spierings, founder and producer at Cornish Gouda Co.
The Transform programme offers businesses with ambitions for growth access to a network of experienced business coaches.
This enables them to tap into expertise and knowledge they might otherwise be unable to access to help them realise their goals.
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Mike Jobson was Giel’s Oxford Innovation business coach for the Transform programme and helped the Cornish Gouda maker become a supplier to upmarket supermarket chain E H Booth, often known as the ‘Waitrose of the north’.
Giel added: “Having him with me when I met with E H Booth supermarkets made all the difference to how things went, and as a result of that meeting, I’m now officially one of their suppliers. This is a huge step for the company.”
Mr Jobson said: “Giel has a top-quality product and only needed a little guidance in how best to get that product to even more customers. I’m certain that he’ll continue to succeed with the Cornish Gouda Company.”
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